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Dentists: Dr. László Breier and Dr. Péter Fajta - in Hungary, Budapest

Welcome to the Qualityplant Dental Team for Implantology and Aesthetics

The Dental Team was founded in the year 1998. Our chief activity ist the implantology and aesthetic dental medicine.

Our clinic employs experienced, special trained dentists. Our team's major goal is to place you, the patient, into the centre of our activity.

Top of Dental Implantology in Hungary

Patients from 27 countries

18.000 patients in 12 years’ time

1.600 appointments every month

1.100 dental implants placed per year

6.000 crowns fitted annually

31 staff members at patients’ service

Consultation free of charge in London:

  • to enable you to meet one of your future treating physicians
  • to ask your questions in person
  • to get to know in advance the treatment you need
  • to get to know exactly the approximately duration and costs of your treatment
  • to get to know which treatment will be performed in Hungary or in London

Dental Implants - Qualityplant Cosmetic Dentistry

Because we believe that the trust has to be built up before beginning with the treatment!

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